N&S Korea loan payoff: Or was it forgiven? Perhaps, N. Korea paid off S. Korea?

Minor Classification or Restricted Data?: Bolton saying that "But sometimes they forgot” to return them. "RD" is Restricted Data, strictly handled. Only authorized Department of Energy personnel may declassify or redact documents containing RD (nuclear Tippy-Top Secret).

If Trump kept this type of document in his possession, without a signature on a DOE authorization to remove the docs from a secure location, and without being accompanied by a DOE authorized armed guard to babysit the document/s 24/7, then, the then sitting President Trump was breaking the law -- and so were the DOE officials, guard/s & individual/s who ignored their training when they left the document/s unsecured. If so, TFG & Others better darn well be in a heap of legal trouble.

Any knowing, willful, or negligent action contrary to the requirements of 10 CFR part 1045 that results in the misclassification of information may result in sanctions --

*Appropriate criminal, civil, and/or administrative penalties for misclassification violations

*Administrative sanctions possible for other violations of the policies and procedures of 10 CFR part 1045

Report Compromised or Lost RD/FRD: (301) 903-3767 (it's a public number)






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“But sometimes they forgot.” This has been annoying me for quite some time -- what about the records custodian, the person who signed out the documents, etc., etc.? I know from my time in the military and as a civil service employee -- heads would roll if a document had a wrinkle in it! Okay I exaggerate a bit there but do you think these people have also been interviewed? Are they still employed? <sigh> Infuriating is right!

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I find it troubling that we do not know if there are any intra-agency or interagency investigations of the handling of classified and secret (all levels) documents during the Trump presidency. Are we going to just turn away from all the corruption as if it didn't occur? I consider it a dereliction of duty and sheer stupidity, if not complicity, to conduct business as usual without trying to determine exactly what happened and adopting critical reforms.

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Thanks for the posts and updates! I can’t imagine that things were seriously so lax that no one knew what was signed out and not returned. Might be time to replace the librarians and do a thorough audit. Does the archive have an IG? I know I shouldn’t be shocked at anything that is being exposed about this administration by this time, but this is pretty close.

Btw, now ‘Celine’ is trending but not in a good way. 💔

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